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Dear Prayer Partners,
How time flies!
In past few weeks, the Lord has led me to involve in so many activities that I am unable to describe them all. At one point, I wrote some of my reflections but they became too lengthy to share in one report. So I am just listing below  with brief comments to update you.
1. Attended the Baptist World Alliance (BWA) Congress in Honolulu (July 28-Aug1). I could interact with the BWA leaders and present CBCNEI. It was my first experience to be in an international Baptist meeting.

2.  A visit to Judson University, Elgin to explore the possibilities of partnership with CBCNEI (Aug 3). I am glad to get a very positive response from Dr. Jerry Cain.

3. A visit to BIM, Head Office, Valley Forge, to spend time with Rev Reid Trulson, Cathy Holmes, and the staffs to understand the rich legacy that CBCNEI has inherited (Aug 4-7). I am very humbled by the warm hospitality offered to us.

4. A visit to the Eastern Baptist University, Philadelphia, to explore the possibility of partnership with CBCNEI (Aug 5). I am glad to inform you that they are open for partnership with CBCNEI.

5. Spoke to a group of Principals and Seminary Board members on the Relevance of Theological Education, organized by OCI Institute in Sri Lanka (Aug 9-13). I was encouraged to receive many positive comments.

6. CBCNEI hosted the First Treasurer and Finance Secretaries’ Training Program (Aug 18-20). All participants requested us to conduct such trainings also for others.

7. CBCNEI hosted the first Consultation on the idea of launching a Baptist University in the northeast India (Aug 27). The response was overwhelming. All Conventions representatives resolved to go ahead with the plan. A Steering Committed is formed to come up with the Concept paper and a Master plan.

8. Inauguration of a new Christian Literature Center at Senapati, Manipur. The CLC has been taken over by CBCNEI and now its under direct supervision of the  General Secretary . We have appointed two new Assistant Directors to revamp the CLC ministries.
For pictures, please visit:
9. The third Vacation Bible School Teachers’ Training (Sept 6-8) was attended by more than 30 teachers. CBCNEI has decided to focus on the Children ministry by training of Sunday School Teachers.
For pictures, please visit:
10. Spoke to a group of 40 students from LM Boys Hostel Retreat (Sept 10). Spoke in a retreat of a group of 20 deacons of the local Church (Sept 11). This was a bit miscalculation of appointments. I ended speaking five times a day. No more such a mistake!!!   
For pictures, please visit:
11. Represented CBCNEI in the NCCI AGM meeting, Bangalore (Sept 14-17). It was a new ecumenical experience. For pictures, please visit:
12. Taught in the TLA Expository Preaching and Biblical Counseling (Sept 15-20). This program was sponsored by TLA. 40 Pastors came, but the three Resource Persons from USA could not come. I had to take three sessions daily but participants commented very positively about their experience.
For pictures, please visit:
With the help of TLA we also gave Bicycles to 10 Village Pastors from Karbi Anglong. To see pictures, please visit:
13. Spoke to a group of 100 Veterinary Students (Sept 26). Glad to help my professional youngsters with my experience in Vet College where I found Christ in 1983.

14. Facilitated a series of meeting to dream to develop the CBCNEI Campus for the next millennium challenges (Sept 28). I am glad that there is new thinking. It is still in process. We need more prayers.

15. Attended the Executive Committee Meeting of CBCNEI (Sept 29). Many new decisions were taken. We need more human resource and more of professional input in CBCNEI. For pictures please visit:
16. Speak in the Family Enrichment Seminar in Itanagar (Oct 9-10). Many families are in danger. 22 coupled who attended expressed their concerns for more of such help to couples. Asangla and I shared from our lives which turned out for many a very practical and very encouraging help. Pray that God will continue to use both of us.

As I write this I am getting ready to go to attend Lausanne Congress in Cape Town 2010 as a Table Group Leader (Oct 14-25, 2010). Till the last moment, I was not sure if I could go as there was not definite news about scholarship but I am glad that now my trip is partly sponsored by CBCNEI and partly by the Lausanne Congress. I am excited about it as I have heard so much about it but I had never been to Lausanne Congress. I hope that this exposure will strengthen my conviction for Evangelism.
Please pray also for the following events:
Oct 28-30 : CBCNEI staff Retreat
Nov 6-8 : Speak in Jubilee Celebration of BSI chapter of Dimapur
Nov 11-13: Speak in Pastors’ Conference
Nov 14: Speak in Local Church Retreat
Nov 15-20: Speak in a Seminar on Biblical Hermeneutics

Thank you for your faithful partnership.
Please do let mw know how I can pray for you.
Dr. A. K. Lama
General Secretary CBCNEI